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Strategic Growth

Clarity. Direction. Purpose.


Clarity. Direction. Purpose.


Clarity. Direction. Purpose.

Next Level Growth

As an entrepreneur with purpose, you’re not just building a business or a brand. You’re striving to contribute to a better world and seek strategic solutions that are in line with your vision.

Visionary Growth

Would you like more clarity on how your business is really performing? Are you ready to take advantage of the best opportunities for your business, reduce costs effectively, and make every penny work hard for your vision?

Clarity. Direction. Purpose

Eliminate guesswork from business decisions with improved financial management plans that support your growth objectives.

Discover the best solutions for purpose-driven entrepreneurs facing pressing challenges

Achieve Strategic Growth and Impact.


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Performance Analysis

What do the numbers say about your business? Knowing your current performance is the first step in planning for growth.

Improving Cash Flows

Fixing working capital issues and ensuring positive cash flows to further invest in your business. Or yourself.

Maximising Revenue

Increase revenue by using the full potential of assets and resources and targeting the right growth opportunities that add value to your business and your customers.

Reducing Costs Effectively

Prudent cost-cutting to build efficient businesses, without compromising on product quality.

Optimising Budgets

Allocating resources effectively in a way that supports growth objectives. eg. Not under-spending on critical expenditures.

Brand development

Small business owners can build authentic brands as an extension of themselves in a way that creates trust.

"I help purpose-driven
entrepreneurs who are focused on progress and want clear direction on their path to growth and impact."

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Fatima Fakier

(Business Consultant & Financial Management Mentor)

Eliminate guesswork and manage risks with strategic solutions. Build a business that is optimised for growth and impact.

Entrepreneurs are faced with a myriad of challenges and constraints to navigate on their way to growth.

I have 12+ years experience as a Financial Director and Business Owner in the education industry, directly involved in high level strategic decision-making as a member of the board of directors.

I am familiar with the problems and constraints faced by entrepreneurs wanting to make an impact. With my financial management background, I can help you to find the best solution for your challenges.

Let's talk about the best solutions for you

Financial Management is what I’m great at. Finding the best strategic solution is what I do best.


Let’s begin with a FREE 45-minute discovery session to understand your challenges and identify your objectives.


I’ll help you to solve your challenge and share how I can help in that process.


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3-Step Process


Status Audit

We’ll identify challenges and dive into your numbers to understand how your business is currently performing.


Chart Your Course

We’ll develop a plan of action based on your vision and company mission to resolve challenges and grow your business.


Track and Measure

Take action.
Track key metrics to stay the course and achieve your business goals.

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Are you ready to grow your business in a way that aligns with your vision for both purpose and profit?